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Breakfast room/mud room zone

It is a new month and time to work on a different zone in my house. This month I concentrate on what I call my breakfast room (never ate breakfast there in my life but my mom called it that when I moved in and the name stuck). The actual activities that happen in this room are; overflow for parties, storage for all party supplies, containers for leftover food, storage for suitcases, the cat box home (moved to guest bedroom during parties), and tucked behind a set of doors is my washing machine and cleaning supplies. My goal is to clean and organize everything in this room during the month of April. There are 4 walls in this room and 4 weekends. I tackle a wall a weekend. I touch everything- clean much of it- and decide if it goes back where I pulled it from, gets trashed, given away, or goes somewhere else. My goal in every zone is to eliminate some items. I am contemplated if I really need that hanging bag suitcase. I have not used it in years. I know that my party supply section always has some get rid of items. On my shelf with food containers, I make certain that every container has a lid that fits. If there is not a match, the item is tossed. If you do not have a mud room or extra small room, you could tackle a storage area instead. Let me know what area you will be working on in April.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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