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changing out the closets

I think warm weather is finally here and it is safe to swap out our winter clothes for our summer clothes in our closets. As you take out the winter clothes, look over each piece. Is it clean? No tears or no buttons missing? Still fits? Do you still love to wear it? Is it flattering? Did you wear it at all last season? If it is clean and in good shape but you no longer love it, donate it to a charity. If it is torn or stained, throw it away. If you love it but it needs a good cleaning or some repair, do it now before you put it away for the season. Now hang the summer clothes in the closet. Again, give them a good look over. Is there a spot that won’t come out? Is it dated? Was it a bad purchase that you spent way too much for but hate how you look in it? Toss or give away all those items you don’t love to wear. Sometimes seasons go by and we don’t wear certain items. We are not even aware of it. A little trick that I learned is that when you first put your new season clothes in the closet, hang up the clothes with the hanger facing the wrong way. The first time you wear the item, turn the hanger around so that it is hanging correctly. At the end of the season, really look at any clothes in the closet that are still hanging the wrong way.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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