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Four Steps to Organize Your Office for 2022

At the start of every new year, I take time to organize and update my office. For my business and for my personal life I want my office to encourage growth and productivity. This means that I need to take the time now to clear out old unnecessary paperwork and any other items that no longer serve me.

For my home I use a Zone Plan. The office is always the first zone that I work in. I ask three questions and then follow with a plan of action.

1. What is bothering me in my office zone?

· Loose paper that is not filed but is sitting spread out on my desk and two couches

· Project bins that hold old projects and are no longer active

· Files too full

· Items and notes hanging around on my desk and in my credenza, all shouting, “Look at me!”

2. How do I want my office to look and feel?

· The office looks and feels inviting – a place I enjoy going to

· There are empty spaces in the files and on surfaces that encourage growth

· The office is clean and uncluttered

· I feel productive and energized – ready to work

3. What do I need to do to make this vision come true?

· Clean out and declutter all files – removing items that are now archival and belong somewhere else

· Clean and declutter desk drawers – keeping only what I use on a regular basis

· Purge project bins and update them with current projects that are now on couches

· Deep clean the room

4. Schedule time for each task.

· Review my calendar and see what times are available

· Schedule reasonable times for each task – breaking down large tasks into smaller bites

· Write the times to work as appointments in my calendar and honor the commitment

By the end of the month, I will call this zone “good enough” and will move on to my next zone. The office is now ready for just regular maintenance until next January. I always reward myself by putting a fresh flower on my desk.

If your office space is a complete disaster or just needs a little tweaking, develop a plan now to make it the perfect workplace for you. You will notice that your productivity increases and your stress decreases.

If you want help or just some accountability in working your plan join Diane Quintana and me on our Clear Space For You clutter support group.

Jonda S. Beattie, Professional Organizer owner of Time Space Organization, and co-owner of Release, Repurpose, Reorganize. She is based in the Metro-Atlanta area. As presenter, author of four books as well as a retired special education teacher she uses her listening skills, problem solving skills, knowledge of different learning techniques, ADHD specialty, and paper management skills to help clients tackle the toughest organizational issues. Jonda does hands on organizing, virtual organizing. For more of Jonda’s tips connect with her on Facebook.

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