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Gift Storage Organization

Many of us buy gifts throughout the year and hold them until the appropriate time. This can be a time and money saving tactic – or not.

If you have a designated place to stash your gifts and if you don’t buy years of gifts in advance, this can save you having to run out at the last minute to buy “something” and pay full price and maybe even a shipping cost. It is an especially helpful tactic if you label the item with the name of the person you intend to receive the gift. This will keep you from buying 15 items for one person.

If you buy every time you see something “cute” and bring it home and stash it “somewhere” still in the bag with the receipt because you might want to exchange it, you can end up spending extra time and money.

I have found potential gifts under beds, in closets, in the basement or garage, in closets, and in bags near the front door – and this was just in one house. The client would buy something. Then she would bring it home and put it in a random spot. Then she would repeat the this process. She would forget where items were or even what she had bought. When asked who an item was for, she was often vague. When it was time to give a gift she was not sure what she had and would go out and buy something new. Now this situation is extreme. Most people fall somewhere between the “always put the intended gifts in one area” and the “just stick it anywhere” syndrome.

I find that many parents like to stash gifts in a closet in their bedroom. This area is supposedly off limits to their children. However, this can start to make the closet feel crowded and unorganized. If using the closet , put the items towards the back of the closet, not just inside the door. Put the items in labeled containers – maybe not clear if little eyes are around. You could also use two locations. One location might be for generic gifts like baby gifts, children’s gifts for parties, or hostess gifts. Another area might be designated for those special gifts that are hidden away until the big day.

Make it a habit to always shop for gifts from you home before heading out to the store. By always looking in your cache of goodies first, you will save time and money.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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