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How Do You Use Your Spare Bedroom?

Spare bedrooms can have multiple purposes. I have seen them used as offices, craft rooms, play rooms for children or grandchildren, storage, and even to house guests.

When working on any zone in your home, you want to have a clear vision of the function of the area how you want this area to look and how you want to feel when you enter. Be very honest on the purposes of the zone.

My spare bedroom has multiple functions. It has a closet that is used for off site office storage. There is also a dresser that holds off season clothing, gifts, and some memorabilia. This room is occasionally used as a place for guest to stay. And more recently, it has become a retreat for an older cat with some health problems. My vision for this room is to have an open and inviting space for guests. (When guests arrive, the cat is displaced for the duration.) I want all office items easily accessible but not visible. I want to feel drawn into this room and feel calm and happy when I enter.

I use a Zone Plan to organize and declutter my home. February is when I tackle my spare bedroom. During this month I clean out and reorganize the closet. Files are updated and some archival files go to the attic. I toss out times that I no longer need or love. I clean out the dresser drawers and assign a purpose for each drawer. All surface areas will be clear except for a few accessories. I clean all bed linens, furniture and windows.

By the end of the month, the spare bedroom matches my vision for the upcoming year. Except for weekly cleaning, this zone will not need organizational work again until next February.

For help in setting up your zones, sign up for my Zone Plan Coaching sessions ( ) or purchase my workbook – From Vision to Victory: A Workbook For Finding a Simple Path to an Organized Home (available on my website

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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