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Living room zone

This month the zone I am tackling is the living room zone. The first thing I will do is to review my vision for this room. What activities go on in this room? How do I want this room to look and feel? In this room I entertain, I eat my meals, I read, I listen to music, I play with my cats (note one sitting in the bookcase), and sometimes I spread out projects on the dining table. I also have a closet in this room that is used for hanging coats, storing hats, scarves, gloves, dance shoes, my purse, a couple of backpacks, a wrapping paper container, and an empty box for the cats to hide in. I have a credenza that stores my supplies for parties and an entertainment center that stores my music, my feng shui books and worksheets, binoculars and bird books, and some cat toys. I want this room to feel inviting and comfortable. I want my guests to feel comfortable putting their feet up, putting their drinks down and staying for a while. I want to cozy up in a corner of the sofa to read. I want the room to feel open yet cozy. I want things to look at that make me smile. I want to feel relaxed and happy in this room. I will divide the room into 4 sections. Each week I will tackle a wall. I will clean everything on that wall and take down all items and decide what stays and what goes. Do the items support my vision? Do I need them? Do I still enjoy them? I will update my inventory. At the end of the month, I will celebrate. I will bring in fresh spring flowers and light a candle and enjoy a special meal.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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