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Making an Organizational Plan for Your Vacation

School is almost over and vacation time must be coming up soon. I love to travel. Give me an airline ticket and put me on a plane for almost anywhere and I am happy.

However, when traveling with a family, a little more planning and organizing will make the vacation less stressful and a happier experience for everyone.

First the “when” needs to be addressed. Even in the summer children and adults have busy schedules and obligations. So get out the calendar and find a period of time that will work for everyone.

Now “where” should you go? Brainstorm with everyone to find out what people would love to do. Then “get real.” Look at the time allotted and the money available. If everyone is on board and knows the limitations, there will be less chance for disappointment.

Once you settle on when and where, make a checklist of all that needs to be accomplished before liftoff. Make your reservations for airplane, car rental, and hotels. Notify family and friends you might want to visit along the way. Look up attractions and fun restaurants you might want to visit. Contact people to dog sit, water the lawn, mow, pick up your mail, or any other chores you would like done while you are away. Put all travel information into a brightly colored folder. Share your itinerary with someone in case of emergency, including how to contact you.

Prepare a packing list. It is helpful to have a master packing list on your computer that can be adjusted to time of year, area of travel, and type of travel (I might carry a bit more if traveling by car). Lay out outfits according to the weather. Pack clothes that can be layered. Find items that can mix and match and limit color choices. When the final decisions are made, type up the final packing list and put it in the suitcase. This keeps the charger or travel clock from being left behind in the hotel room. If traveling with children, pack some activity bags and snack bags.

Yeah! Let’s go!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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