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Master Bedroom Zone

If you are following along with the zone plan, this is a good month to tackle the master bedroom. Start with your vision for this room. I want my room to be a quiet peaceful area where I can rest and read. I want soothing things to look at. I want soft light. I want my clothes to be arranged so that I can dress quickly in the morning but I do not want to see the clothes when I am resting. This is a good time to swap out any winter clothes that can be stored elsewhere. My bedroom has 4 walls so I usually take 4 weeks to do this room. However, this month I will be gone a week so I will need to do it in 3 weeks. The first week I will tackle the wall with the long dresser and the closet. I will take everything out of the drawers and out of the closet. I will purge anything that no longer fits, that I no longer love, or that is stained or torn. I will clean the closet and dresser and return the clothes that I am keeping. The next week I will do the wall with the bed, window and two small tables as well as the wall to the left of the bed which has no furniture. I will check the books on the night stand. Am I going to read them? Should I donate them? Should I read them and then pass them on? I will laundry all the linens on the bed- including the mattress cover and the duvet. The last week I will do the wall with the tall dresser and some art work. I will again check the clothes in the tall dresser to see what stays and what goes. For my reward when finished, I will go shopping with a friend and buy some replacement items for the things I threw away. Then I will stand in the doorway and enjoy my fresh, well organized room.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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