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Organizing the Gift Wrap Zone

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

This time of year there are usually gifts to wrap and perhaps also to mail. It is sooo tempting to buy all of that lovely gift wrap that is displayed plus tissue plus ribbon plus gift bags. It is easy to lose track of how much of these goodies you have unless you organize all of your material into one convenient gift wrap zone. I have recently moved into a new home and have less storage for these items than I had before, so I must really consolidate and purge. I rarely fall in love with any one storage product but this gift wrap organizer from the Container Store looks marvelous – plus it can hang in my front hall closet. Besides using the closet, I have also seen gift wrap zones set up in containers under the bed, in tall trash cans in closets, or on workbenches in the basement. It does not matter so much where the area is but that it is all in one place. Along with your wrap and ribbon, also have tags, bubble wrap, tape, scissors and anything else that you routinely use to wrap your gifts. When you know you are going to have a gift to wrap, visit your gift wrap zone before going out and buying anything. Get in the habit of shopping from your home first. So now is a great time to make a sweep throughout your home and pull together all of your wrapping and packing materials. Look them over and discard any “tired” looking or tattered materials as well as those little scraps you saved that won’t wrap anything larger than a jewelry box. Add to the mix a dedicated pair of scissors and a roll of tape. Contain it all in one place and now you have a convenient gift wrap zone that will make gift wrapping an easier, less stressful process.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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