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Safety First on Home Projects

Has your spring cleaning/organizing session brought up plans to install a new closet system, add shelves, install a new light fixture or fan, paint, or even fix that leaky faucet in the bathroom?

Before you take on any of these projects, take a few moments to analyze what will be involved.

Does your project involve drilling into a wall? Make certain you know what is behind that surface. Hitting pipes or electrical wires could not only lead to a possible injury but for sure would involve extra time and expense.

If you need a hammer, saw, or a screwdriver – make certain before you begin that you have the right tools in your tool kit. Don’t try to substitute with the wrong tool.

If you are working on any project that involves electricity or water, shut off the electricity and close off the nearest water valve. Also make sure that anyone else in the house knows you have shut off the system and why. You don’t want any surprises by a spouse turning the power back on before you are finished.

Know where your emergency equipment is located. Know where your fire extinguisher, buckets, mops, rags, and first aid kit are located in case something goes wrong. Have your phone with you or even better have an “assistant” standing by. I no longer climb around on tall ladders without a friend nearby.

Know and own up to the fact that there are times this is not a DIY project. If you get into a fix, don’t be shy about asking for help. If a project is too big or overwhelming, bring in an expert. It will probably be cheaper in the long haul.

Don’t take your safety for granted. Be extra vigilant. Tackle your projects safely or hire them out. Either way, you’ll enjoy the new look or results when done.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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