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Time Management Systems

When you have trouble with your organization of time, you will probably also have difficulty with other types of organization. At our NAPO conference, Emily Wilska reviewed six time management systems. She has come to the conclusion that there is not one time management system that works for everyone and that often, it is a good idea to take ideas from several systems and make a system that works for you. Very briefly I will highlight some of the “take aways” that I got from her presentation.

  1. Getting Things Done (GTD)- This system can be a good one for people with ADD but is not a good system for procrastinators

  2. Franklin Covey- good for people who want to take time to set goals and priorities for a balanced life but not good for people who have trouble prioritizing or with procrastination

  3. The Now Habit- good for people stuck in procrastination and can be good for creative/right brain thinkers but is not good for linear thinkers or workaholics

  4. Action Method- great for visual learners and creative/right brain thinkers and in many cases people with ADD but not good for procrastination or people who want a lot of structure

  5. Pomodora Technique- great for linear and left brain thinkers and in some cases people with ADD but not good for people whose work consists of many small/short tasks or extensive or complex lists of tasks or for people who have trouble prioritizing

  6. Do It Tomorrow – good for people who love structure and are good at estimating how long tasks take but not sot good for ADD or creative/right brain thinkers

So, I might take the goal setting section and balancing priorities from Franklin Covey, the idea of putting all committed times first on my calendar from The Now Habit, the action goals from the Action Method, and the use of a timer from the Pomodora Technique. I like the idea of structuring my own plan and not feeling bad because I can’t make a system that is out there work for me exactly. You might enjoy looking some of the plans up and seeing what would best work for you.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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