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Time to Organize the Office!

It’s a new year!

Time to get organized!

I love for my home to be organized and clean. How lovely it would be to wave a magic wand, and everything would be organized for a fresh start in the new year.

However, that isn’t going to happen, and I refuse to knock myself out to even try and attempt it. What I do instead is develop a plan for the year using my zone plan. Each month I work in a different part of my home.

January is my office zone.

By the end of the year, my office tends to feel crowded and messy. Files are bursting at the seams. Project bins are overflowing. Tax season looms. Too many projects are laying around and screaming “DO ME”.

My goals for the office by the end of the month are:

· My office is clean and uncluttered

· I have empty spaces on surfaces and in my files to allow for growth

· I feel in control and productive working in this space.

For my goals to be met I will need to:

· Sort and label all loose papers

· Review project bins and archive or bring them up to date

· Clear out all desk drawers and files

· Purge files and put the keepers back in files

· Shred and archive papers

· Organize my tax file

· Declutter and organize bookcases and storage

· Deep clean the room

In order to complete that list of tasks, I will need to schedule times to do each one. This will require me to pull out my calendar and see what times are available. Then schedule reasonable times on specific dates to work on each task.

By the end of the month, I will call whatever has been accomplished “good enough” and move on to my next zone. The office is now ready for regular maintenance until next January.

I always reward myself for completing my office zone by buying a fresh flower for my desk.

Check out my Zone Plan and see if it would work for you!

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