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I gave a presentation today at the Decatur Public Library on Downsizing- a topic near and dear to my heart. Part of the presentation was on the reasons for downsizing. We came up with: Money, Honey We’re Not Getting Any Younger I’d rather be knitting ( or something else besides maintenance work) I’m tired of all this stuff I think we need to keep in mind that downsizing is a continual process. It lets us get rid of old, past life items so that we can make room for new things to come into our life. One idea that really struck a chord with this group was the “marinating” box idea (not my idea and I cannot quote whose original idea it is). The group liked the idea of being able to box up items they were not certain they were ready to part with and label the box and stash it away. If after a year or so they did not miss any of the items, it was safe to get rid of the items in the box. It was a really great group to present to- a lot of participation. I would be interested if anyone else has ideas on good reasons for downsizing.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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