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Working the Zone Plan – Workshop Area

September is a perfect month to work on the workshop or garage area. The weather is a little cooler. Seasons are changing. The equipment you use in your yard and for recreation and sports is changing. Now is a good time to look at what you have in these areas and determine what you have not used (that badminton set has not been set up in 3 years or more), what needs to be replaced (that trowel and pruner have had it), and what needs to be purchased ( I would love a weeding tool).

While organizing this area, first determine your zones. What exactly is the purpose of this space? Some possible zones are: yard/garden, grilling needs, tools and workshop area, storage for home repair projects, recycling, outdoor entertainment, sports, storage of extra household items like paper towels, water, or out of season cookware. If this is your garage, you might even save a zone to park your car!

Once you know the zones you need, figure out the logical placement of each zone. For items you use regularly, you will want placement near the entrance. Items used less frequently will best be placed near the back of the area. Strive to keep all like items together.

As you group like items, look for containers that can hold smaller items. All seed packets in a clear shoe box, all gardening gloves in a basket, and all gardening tools in a bucket. Utilize shelves, pegboard and hooks to keep everything off the floor. Keep wide walkways so that it is easy to access every zone. If it is difficult to put an item into the correct place, it will probably get dumped on the nearest surface as you enter.

Once you have finished this zone, reward yourself. Take that newly uncovered bike out for a spin. Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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