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Kitchen Zone

This month I will focus on the kitchen for my organizational zone. I like to do the kitchen zone in October because this is a good time to donate food items that I no longer want but are still not expired. I will divide the kitchen into 4 sections and attack one section each week. As I go through each section, I will take items out of the cabinets, refrigerator, or off the stove and clean each area. I will then evaluate each item before it goes back. Is this something I need, use, or love? It looks neat, but when was the last time I used the omlette fork to make an omlette? Not for years- I just grab a big fork out of my utensil drawer instead- so the fork will go. OK- the copper utensils seen in the picture are never used but I bought them in Greece and love them- so they will stay. As I go through the refrigerator and the areas where I store food, I will check each item to see if I really have a plan for it. I will check expiration dates on items. I will throw items out or put in a box to give away as I go. I will evaluate my cooking pots, my dishes, my gadgets, the stuff hanging off my refrigerator. I will declutter and make the kitchen pleasing for me to work in- all in time for holiday cooking.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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