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Refrigerator Organization

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Some people might feel that organizing a refrigerator smacks of OCD but in actuality this organizational task will save you time and money. You will know where everything is located. You will maximize your shelf space. It will keep meat juices from running into your saved salad and your cheese from drying into a hard and/or green block.

An organizational plan:

1. Remove all items from the fridge and group like with like. Have all your cheeses together. Group meats, snacks, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

2. Purge any item that is past its expiration date, unidentifiable, fuzzy, or has been cross-contaminated ( see meat juices in salad above).

3. Wipe out the fridge. You don’t want to put your good food back into a nasty fridge.

4. Utilize containers. Put snacks in see through containers. This allows you to find food when searching in the fridge and keeps items from being tipped over.

5. Put food in designated drawers, such as vegetables in the crisper and luncheon meat in the deli drawer. One exception to this is eggs. Keep them in their original container for a longer life.

6. Organize foods by how frequently you use them. Put healthy or quickly perishable snacks towards the front.

7. Put taller items in the back. This way a small item doesn’t get hidden.

8. Place condiments and salad dressing in the door. Do not place items like milk or tube foods in the door as they will spoil more quickly.

9. Monitor monthly for maintenance.

Stand back and enjoy the appearance of your freshly cleaned and organized refrigerator. Celebrate by having one of those fun snacks.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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