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The Benefits of Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is a service that Time Space Organization offers. It is a great option for some people. The organizer uses her hands-on expertise and knowledge to create an action plan to meet the client’s needs.

How does virtual organizing work?

  1. First there is a free phone consultation to determine if virtual organizing would work in this given situation

  2. Once it is determined that it is a good fit, a questionnaire is filled out to help solidify intentions and goals for the sessions

  3. If appropriate, pictures of the target area are sent

  4. A vision of what the area will look like and how you will feel in this area is explored

  5. A brainstorm list is put together of all tasks that need completing for the vison to come to fruition

  6. Possible organizational roadblocks are studied

  7. A completion date and time line are developed

  8. During each session, we refine the plan and dates to complete tasks are put on the calendar

  9. As the organizer, I hold you accountable, help you prioritize, and make suggestions

  10. Once the project is complete, we develop a maintenance program

How do you know if this would work for you? It would work if:

  1. You can work on your own and are motivated but you want/need some guidance and accountability

  2. You recognize the importance of organizational help but are on a budget

  3. You are comfortable communicating by phone, email, skype, and can send emails with photos

  4. You are creative and want custom-tailored sessions

  5. You would rather work with an organizer in one hour sessions rather than the hands on 3 hours plus sessions and can work on completing projects on your own time

  6. You are not physically close to professional organizers but still want their help

For more information visit my web site or contact me by email ( or phone 404-299-5111.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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