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Vacation Priorities

I have been blessed to have a couple of vacations close together this summer. One thing I have learned is that taking a vacation from work is not the same thing as taking a vacation from self care and maintenance routines. I have been able to enjoy my time visiting with my family while still watching my diet, exercising even more than usual, and certainly getting more sleep than usual. I have also been able to continue to check in at Weight Watchers.

This doesn’t happen by accident. I made plans and had my vision on how this was going to happen before I left home. I called my family and announced I was on Weight Watchers. I planned what food I carried with me on the trips so that I would be satisfied and not tempted to eat junk food. I held the intention to maintain healthy habits during my vacation while having a wonderful time with my family.

They, in turn, found a place for me to weigh in and were very supportive of my diet. They came up with outings that were interesting while providing exercise.

I came home from my vacations feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the real world again.

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